Bloody Gravel

Roya and Bashir are in love and because of the restrictions in Afghanistan they are forced to flee. They hope to enter Iran illegally. Roya is pregnant and the child was not planned. She decides she doesn’t want to go through the hardships of the border crossing, but Bashir reminds her of the dangers that wait for her back with her family. Saku and Osho are human smugglers and they accept, against their own rules, to help Roya cross the border. Due to the rough roads and the high speeds they are traveling, Roya goes into labor and they are forced to stop on the road for her to give birth. Roya dies during childbirth and Bashir is now left with a dead wife and an unwanted baby. He decided to bury Roya and leave the child in the wilderness. Saku agrees with this but Osho decides to stay with the child by its mother’s grave.

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