Fight for Ukraine

“Fight for Ukraine” or in the Ukrainian adaptation of the title “Battle for Ukraine” is a short meter with which we want to tell the story of the first months of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, show the horrors of war and destruction, composing a real chronicle with filmed plot scenes with the main characters of the film. The idea arose in the spring during charity screenings of the “Brukivka” International Film Festival.


The film was created without a budget by our initiative team, which included Bohdan Zakordonets, Tetiana Dzyubinska, Ivan Trach, Georgy Toryanyk, Irma Vitovska-Vantsa, Vitalina Biblev, Oleksiy Lysiy, Olga Zavalishina, Vitaly Ivanovets, Volodymyr Mazurenok, Oleksandr Rudyk, Boris Shagiev.


In the film, we experience certain periods of the life of a volunteer from Kamianets-Podilskyi and a female volunteer, a resident of one of the occupied cities of eastern Ukraine, who are collective images of those who work every day for our victory. If the film is well received by the audience and critics, then we will work on the full-length script, because many famous actors of Ukrainian films and TV series have expressed their desire to participate in such a project.

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