It’s Still Autumn

In recent years, a huge wave of shocking and unbelievable narratives of sexual harassment, assault and rape of women has taken over social media; An unprecedented move by Iranian women, reminiscent of the #MeToo global movement, which has exposed countless sexual assaults incidents around the world.


These narratives are astonishing not only in terms of the appalling quality of the events, but also in terms of the scope, extent, and status of those accused of the assaults.


We also wanted to tell the story of one of the women.

In this way, we read many stories and tales. There was a lot in common with the stories.

Parts of the stories were deleted or censored for the personal reasons of the authors. Topics such as rape, humiliation, lust, and family events were eliminated by narrators and writers.

In fact, the nudity of the subjects was very low.

Until we got to this story. A story that belongs to all of us as much as it belongs to her

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