Mahakan, an 8-year-old girl, sells handicrafts with her father (Abdolhossein) on a street in Tehran. One of the municipal officers was killed by Abdul Hussein during a clash between vendors and municipal officials. 

On the day of the interrogation of the witnesses in the court, Abdul Hussein, his mother (Samaneh) and uncle (Yasser) taught Mahakan a lie so that she could commit the murder and save his father’s life from the death sentence. Mahakan passed all those learned sentences to the interrogator in the hope that his father would be released the same day. But during Samaneh’s confrontation with the murdered wife (Sheida) and their conversations about the sacrifice and the fate of Mahakan, the mother realizes that she has made a mistake towards her daughter and her future as a murderer, and Mahakan may be executed, even as a child and prohibiting the execution of the death sentence.

Meanwhile, Mahakan contacts the victim’s baby girl (Nazanin), and talks about the reason for her father’s imprisonment for the mistake they made together. 

Samaneh tries to get Mahakan out of court to save her life. But Yasser opposes Samaneh’s action and tells her that the verdict will never happen due to his young age.

On the main day of the trial, Mahakan appeared in front of the judge together with the counselor of the Youth Detention Center, while the judge noticed a suspicious matter about how the municipal official had been killed by Mahakan. Then, after Mahakan left the room, Abdul Hussein was summoned into the judge’s room. Abdul Hussein confesses to the unintentional murder of a municipal official because he opposed the actions of his wife and brother against Mahakan. . But based on new forensic evidence and a different confession from Mahakan, the judge considers her the main killer.

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