Filmvorführung 2022:

Sahand mahdavi
Gewinner 2022

Bester Dokumentarfilm „It is still autumn“ von Farzaneh Fathi. Eine junge Frau aus dem Iran erzählt aus ihrem brutalen Leben. Als sie sieben Jahre alt war, floh

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Blossom Her father died in a secret military creature experiment 2 years ago. 2 years later, she stole that creature from the laboratory, to induce the

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Strangle In a dystopian world, the people are subjugated by the forces of order. Thirsty for freedom, he rises up to win it back.

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Filmvorführung 2021:


Sigh This is the story of a grey man who is always sighing. Living in a grey city, covered in smog, he keeps on sighing until

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Alaska Long Hunters

Alaska Long Hunters This award winning story follows the life of a young pilot who flew in Alaska’s frontier arctic. Experience the front-seat thrills of bush

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Rebels With A Cause

Rabels With A Cause Dobrivoie Kerpenisan arrived in Romania on the 17th. December 1989 – just a few hours before all borders were closed. He was

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