Rabels With A Cause

Dobrivoie Kerpenisan arrived in Romania on the 17th. December 1989 – just a few hours before all borders were closed. He was an art student in Germany and returned to Sanpetru Mare to visit his grandparents.
What happened in this small village not far from Timisoara during the week prior to Christmas 1989?
From the very first day the young photographer followed the people with his camera. What he captured was heated rebellion and anarchy in his native village, mass protests, looting and severely wounded bodies in Timişoara.
Based on the rare and never before published images, his new film traces the protagonists of that time and portraits them 30 years later.
During the encounter the people watch for the first time these historical pictures and rediscover a crucial moments of their life. Facing it brings back the fear, courage and dreams they share in this documentary.
The author shows a little explored side of the Romanian Revolution through personal stories at the end of the Ceausescu`s ”Golden Age“. A portrait of unknown heroes of a society in turmoil.

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