The Poor People

Logline: While a storm rages, Vera prays for her husband, a fisherman who is at sea, and five hungry children who sleep next to her. The fisherman nearly drowns. Vera visits a neighbor who has two small children and finds her dead.

Sinopsis: A fisherman is about to drown in a raging sea. In a hut, Vera, wife of the fisherman, cradles her baby and puts her down next to the four sleeping children. Vera cries and prays for the fisherman to stay alive. The eldest son wakes up and asks her if dad is back. Vera takes a slice of the only loaf of bread they have and runs through the forest. She enters a neighbor’s hut and finds her neighbor dead rocking a cradle with two small children in it with her cold hand.
Vera prays and then goes on sewing a sail at home. The fisherman returns home. Vera causiously tells him about the tragedy and the orphans. The fisherman suggests getting the children. He wonders why Vera doesn’t want to get them, and Vera shows him that the children are already there.

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