The Power of Childhood

Logline: It is Russian Revolution of 1905. A crowd that has rebelled against the government is going to execute an officer. His son runs up to him and hugs him saving the officer’s life. What the child does returns the sense of compassion both to the crowd and the officer.

Sinopsis: It is Russian Revolution of 1905. A crowd is about to kill a police officer. The officer stays cool and shows a complete contempt for the rebels. The crowd decides to execute him and at this moment the officer’s son turns up. He hugs his father. The crowd wants to make the boy leave, but he starts crying and doesn’t want to go away without his father. The chief rebel asks the boy to go to his mother. The officer says that his son doesn’t have a mother. He tells the boy that the rebel is a friend of his and persuades his son to go to their neighbor’s place. A woman leads the boy away. The mood of the crowd has changed and the rebels release the prisoner out of compassion. The officer is left alone in the square surrounded by corpses. He falls to his knees and starts crying.

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