The things you don’t know about me, mum

Logline: Luz is a survivor of the Pinochet regime. Forty years after she left Chile, in a sort of a diary page, Luz imagines to tell her mother the things that she didn’t want to know about her daughter.



The real story of Luz: the conflictual relationship of a mother and her daughter with the chilean dictatorship as background.

Luz is from the side of Allende, she believes in freedom, in democracy and in a respectful world where everyone has the same value. Her mother is catholic, supports Pinochet and the coup d’etat. Forty years later Luz’s mother is affected from dementia.

Nevertheless Luz wants to break the painful silence between her and her mother and she imagines to tell her the truth about her in Santiago, the facts where she was tragically involved that were consciously ignored by her mother.

A monologue in the form of a diary, a sort of written page that allows the protagonist to redeem herself from the pain of silence and to reconcile her (virtually) with her mother.

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