Virtual Art

Festival Question in 2021

What is our legacy for the future?

* Examples: environment, human and social relations, culture, art and modernity

Competitive section of visual arts

The festival is held internationally in specialized fields of visual arts, including photography and comics.

Review, selection and judging:

The review and selection committee consists of experts and specialists in the fields of photography and comics, who will be identified by the festival policy council and introduced on the festival website. They will review the submitted works and select the selected works to participate in the prestigious galleries of the Germany and to show them online. In each category, the first to third selected individuals will be selected and will be awarded prizes. All selected works will be given a certificate of participation.

  • Conditions for accepting works:
  1. Given the centrality of the festival based on the question of what is our heritage for the next generation?

Also focus on the categories of environmental problems, human and social relations and the impact of modernity on human thought and human future. Works that are more in line with these themes will be given priority.

  1. Each artist is allowed to submit six works.
  2. The information of the registration form and the titles of the works will be used in the exhibition and the book of the festival, therefore the responsibility for the accuracy of the submitted information is on the participant.
  3. Once the work is selected at the festival, it is not possible to remove it from the program.
  4. There is no way to change the effect after registration.
  5. Participants must upload a scan of passport or ID card on the site.
  6. The owner of the work, both real and legal, must fill in the application form to participate in the festival, and this action constitutes agreement with all the terms and conditions of the festival.
  7. The selection of the place and manner of displaying the works is the responsibility of the Policy Council and the executive team of the visual section of the International Return Festival.
  8. Collaboration between the festival and the artist in the direction of marketing the selected works.
  9. Due to the fact that the works will be done in one step, it is very important to observe the quality approved by the festival and the festival is exempted from accepting works outside the festival conditions.
  1. Photomontage and collage will not be selected.
  2. The selection of works is based on the technique and thematic focus of the festival.
  3. Each artist is allowed to send 6 photo frames.
  4. Artists should submit their works with a width of 50 and a resolution of 150 DPI/ 1000 pixels in TIFF & Raw format.
  5. Processing works using the software is only allowed to the extent of color and light correction. Uploaded photos can be color or monochrome, and the size of the uploaded file does not exceed 4 MB.
  6. Photo should be no copyright marks, add borders. etc.
  1. All works related to the theme of the festival, without any restrictions on the performance technique, can be selected by the selection committee and entered the festival.
  2. Each artist can submit six works with dimensions of 30 × 42 to participate in the competitive part of the festival. The number of panels inside a page is the responsibility of the artist.
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