The final event, in which the winners were announced, has already taken place on 28 November 2021 in the Notenbank Weimar

Mr. Jethro Massey: the film:Trauma Industries, best short feature film and best director from France

mr. Vlad Bolgarin; the film Sigh: best short animation from Moldova

mr. Markus Keim Beate Hecher:the film: Pangaea: best short director from Austria

mrs. Celeste Galliot, Dollet: the film: Beautiful Remains: Best Documentary from France

Anton Belousov, Zurz Nemtsov: the film: Valenki RU: Best Director from Russia

mr. Javier Sobremazas: the film: Balkan Beats: documentary from Germany, jury praised

mr. Dobrivoie Kerpenisan: the film: Rebels With A Cause: Best long film- documentary from Germany

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