Best photo.

Mr. Yaser Haj Mohamad khani

from Iran


The photo was taken in the village of Sir Agha Seyed in Shahrekord, Iran. A mother with three children is hoping for a better future.

Due to the lack of jobs for the men of this village, they go to work in the surrounding cities, and in their absence, most of the work and responsibilities are with the mother house.

Jury Prize

Mr. Kazanevsky Vladimir

 from Ukraine, Cartoon


“Modern technological progress leads to the substitution of nature for its virtual display. Humanity’s destruction of the natural environment is trying to be replaced by an illusion”.

Best Illustration

Mr. Salar Eshratkhah

from Iran


“This illustration was designed with Photoshop and shows that previous generations have destroyed the planet by exploiting the environment”.

Best Caricature

Ms. Nahid Maghsoudi

from Iran


In some parts of the world, women are recognized as the second sex 

and are abused for a variety of reasons.

Women in our world have a difficult path to progress,

Fortunately women today are more aware of their rights,

 And they try harder than ever And this is important.

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